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Author: NAAIDT
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About Packaging Designer

The packaging designer application comprises a wide range of packaging net designs. Any or all dimensions can be modified in the secure knowledge that the net will still fit together. The volume of the completed package, and the surface area of material required are calculated. The modified designs can be saved as industry standard DXF files, which can be loaded into many popular drawing applications.

Link to the DT Online Packaging Designer

Help transferring nets into other drawing applications

The net is generated by the server and so the way of transferring from what is a essentially web based application to a CAD program requires a little understanding of file types.

Packaging Designer offers the option of saving out as DXF - this is a standard CAD format which can be imported into many software applications - including TechSoft and CorelDraw.

The procedure is to click on the floppy disc icon and keep the default to save {to text window}. This will open up a DXF file in Notepad or similar (it just looks like a column of text). Select all then hold down Control and C to Copy. Open Notepad then hold down Control and V to paste. Save the newly created Notepad file as {yourfilename}.dxf.

There are a few pitfalls to avoid:

  • Ensure your PC is not set to hide file extensions of known file types (otherwise you will inadvertently save as drawing.dxf.txt for example which would not be understood). To do this, open a folder (eg My Documents), click on Tools and then Folder options. Choose the View tab from the top and look down the list to find the box marked Hide extensions for known file types. Ensure this box is not ticked.
  • When offered by Packaging Designer the choice of DXF with or without tables you will simply have to experiment to see what works with your particular software application.
  • When you IMPORT to TechSoft (note you cannot simply open it because it is not a TechSoft file) be careful to set the correct units when asked (packaging nets designed in millimetres are a bit big when translated into inches!)
  • If you do any of this using the online web site at you may first need to ask your system administrator to ensure you are set up correctly to accept Java - see online help files under the 'i' button.

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