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The new NAAIDT website is designed to provide a means through which NAAIDT Members can share information and advice relating to design and technology education

Click on the Help link for guidance on how to add content to this web site. Note that this facility is restricted to NAAIDT members following a successful logon. All contributions will be moderated by NAAIDT before being made public so please allow a short time for this process to be completed. You may use the email link at the foot of this page to contact the website editor in case of problems.

CAD it! CAM it!

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Computer-Aided Designing and Making for Primary Schools - a Guide for Teachers

This well illustrated booklet provides a concise and practical introduction to the use of ICT in primary schools to support design and technology. It includes clear step by step guidance on how currently available software can be used to develop and enhance children's learning.

NAAIDT Project Exchange

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About NAAIDT Project Exchange

Project Exchange provides teachers and others with the opportunity to share ideas for design and technology projects and activities. Each entry comprises a text description to a common format and, if available, a related illustration. Provision is made also for colleagues to share related learning materials using the Downloads button where this is implemented.

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NAAIDT Annual Conference 2010

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Integrating Hearts, Heads and Hands

Marriott Hotel & National STEM Centre, York 15 – 17 April 2010

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BNF launches new primary school resources

Food - a fact of life
New for Primary/Middle/Special Schools

Join Alisha, Jordan, Nicola and Ronnie as they explore healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from through six exciting stories. The stories have been designed to support cross-curricular/inter-disciplinary learning and are accompanied by a variety of classroom resources. They are ideal for interactive whiteboards, have been tested in schools and are free and ready to use.

To view these exciting materials, go to:

New Primary Curriculum for September 2011

Primary Curriculum
Following the launch of the new National curriculum website by Schools Minister Diana Johnson at the end of January, QCDA has sent new primary curriculum handbooks and guidance publications to all primary schools. The handbook contains the curriculum to be taught in all primary schools from September 2011. QCDA's team of network advisers will work with local authorities and clusters of schools on the new curriculum's implementation.

NAAIDT Members letter to MPs in support of D&T in the curriculum

This is a draft letter for members to use to contact their local MPs to lobby support for the future of design and technology in the curriculum in England.

Members are advised to make contact with their local MP and arrange a face to face meeting to put forward the case for design and technology in the curriculum and question the Coalition government?s long term strategy for reform of the education system.

A briefing paper has been added to this website for members to use outlining some of the key issues in relation to the Tickel Report on Early Years, the Wolf Report on Vocational Education, The Schools White Paper 2010the National Curriculum Review and the E-Bacc.

DT Online food

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The importance of food technology

"In food technology students are taught to apply their knowledge of nutrition, diet, food hygiene and safety in practical ways, as they would in life. Practical food preparation and handling skills are a key aspect of students' work when designing and making food products, dishes and meals, as is teaching consumer-related issues. Food technology still embraces the basic principles of previous incarnations of food education, but has broadened out beyond teaching simply about the domestic preparation of food." - Food Forum

Link to DT Online food

Link to Food in Schools

Link to Food Forum

Essentials of Design and Technology

A series of three presentations highlighting essential information for:
  • Primary
  • Key Stage 3 and GCSE
  • 14-19
These can be used for information or with teachers in schools.

DT Online structures

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About structures

Almost all things made are structures in the form of frames, carcasses, boxes or shells and in nature too there are many examples from flower stems to birds' wings. A structure is simply an arrangement of materials or components to carry and distribute an applied load.

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