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The new NAAIDT web site provides RSS feeds for all 'content' sections of the site.

To view the RSS feeds, click on the RSS logo at the bottom right of any page providing a feed. The RSS feed generated is related to the section of the site. So the RSS feed from the About NAAIDT section, for example, will provide a list of new articles classified as being related to About NAAIDT.

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The new NAAIDT Online RSS feed is made available for others to include latest information from the new NAAIDT Online in their own web sites.

Modern internet browsers such as Firefox 1.5 or Internet Explorer 7, recognise when RSS feeds are being issued from a web site and make provision for the user to display them.

RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) from other sites are provided in panels down the right hand side of the new NAAIDT Online screen.

Currently RSS feeds are displayed from BBC News. Others may be added as they become available.

For a more complete understanding of RSS feeds in general see -

See also RSS in plain English created by Lee LeFever of CommonCraft

NAAIDT members only RSS feeds

Some RSS feeds on this site, specifically feeds of comments on individual articles, are available to Members only. This means that you will have to submit your username and password in order to access the feed. Some RSS feed readers will simply ask for your username and password the first time that the feed is accessed. Others may not support authentication for feeds at all, and some may offer a halfway house and allow you to specify the username and password in the feed URL, for example:

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