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Author: NAAIDT

NAAIDT vision

NAAIDT believes that design and technology capability is best developed through being engaged in the purposeful practical activity of making things using a range of processes, equipment and materials. When engaged in design and technology activity, pupils should undertake work in contexts that are challenging, relevant and motivating. The emphasis on practical experience is central to design and technology to enable pupils to play a full and active role in a technological society and influence the quality of their environment.

NAAIDT Aims and Purposes

  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between members in order to assist them in carrying out their professional duties;
  • to make a contribution to educational research and development;
  • to work with other agencies, both national and international, which seek to promote Design and Technological capability;
  • to contribute actively to raising standards in design and technology through the promotion and dissemination of good practice and work of the highest quality.
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