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Author: Hugh Johnson
February 2012 Update on talks between NAAIDT and D&TA on closer working.

NAAIDT and the D&T Association joint working

Following the proposal supported by the NAAIDT membership at the Annual General Meeting in May 2011, colleagues from NAAIDT and the D&T Association have been meeting regularly to explore strategies for working together more closely. The joint working group comprises Jonathan Gershon (Chair), Richard Green, Hugh Johnson, Andy Mitchell, Bernard Cooper and Pam Bolton.

During initial meetings, colleagues explored the key values and principles which guide both Associations. We compared future aspirations for the associations and for design and technology in the curriculum in general. We have also explored the changing and emerging landscape of the organisation of education and schools, including the continuing demise of Local Authority advisors, the reduction in the number of Government curriculum and assessment advisory bodies, the increase in the number of independent Academy and Free schools and the rise in Teaching Schools. Both associations are convinced that schools, Academy associations, and other emerging organisations will need a source of high quality advice, guidance, leadership and school improvement functions in respect of the design and technology curriculum. This will be needed irrespective of the precise form in which the subject emerges from the current National Curriculum review. Therefore, the role of the NAAIDT and D&T Associations consultant members is going to be critical in moving the subject forward and that is why we wanted to keep you informed about our discussions.

It is clear that both associations are committed to very similar goals and it is also clear that there are very clear and strong aspirations from both parties to develop a new working relationship to the mutual benefit of both associations. Representatives of NAAIDT and the Design & Technology Association are very keen to ensure they exercise due diligence in exploring the possibilities and implications of any future closer working relationship. They are also committed to making sure that any subsequent consultations with membership of both associations are coherent, and promote confidence in respect of details of any proposals and transparency of planning.

There is more work to be done, but there is a high level of confidence that, as a result of the discussions to date we will be in a position to present some clear and exciting proposals to NAAIDT members and D&T Association consultant members in the next few weeks.

Hugh Johnson

NAAIDT Hon. President 2011-12

Richard Green

Chief Executive

Design and Technology Association