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DT Online Packaging Designer

Making packaging - click for full size image

About Packaging Designer

The packaging designer application comprises a wide range of packaging net designs. Any or all dimensions can be modified in the secure knowledge that the net will still fit together. The volume of the completed package, and the surface area of material required are calculated. The modified designs can be saved as industry standard DXF files, which can be loaded into many popular drawing applications.

Link to the DT Online Packaging Designer



Jewellery Box - click for full size image

About CADCAM Gallery

NAAIDT supports DATA and DfEE in the innovative CADCAM initiatives by making it possible for teachers to share work done by pupils using CAD software. Each entry comprises a text description and illustration of the outcome together with the option to download the CAD file used if available.

Link to NAAIDT CADCAM Gallery

"New material : new challenges“

And then came ICT . . .

. . . and the new material is electronic data. What does this look like and what are its associated characteristics and working properties? What new processes are available and how might these influence the working environment – or the very nature of design and technology itself?


Power Hand Tools Training

Date: 20th April 2012

Times: 9am to 4pm

Venue: Bishops Tuxford School, Kettering.
Course tutor: Judi Greenhalgh

Course details: This nationally accredited practical training will prepare teachers, technicians and support staff in design and technology departments to meet the requirements of the TDA/D&TA 'Health and Safety Training Standards in Design and Technology' - Specialist Extension Level S9HS 'Portable Power Tools'.
During the day, delegates will undertake a variety of practical exercises to prepare them to safely use a range of portable power tools at work. These will include: angle grinder, jigsaw, portable circular saw, reciprocating saw, compound mitre saw, biscuit jointer, portable power plane, router and router table.
To be renewed every 3 to 5 years.
This course is suitable for GTP students, Teachers, technicians and health and safety governors.

Cost of training: ?100.00 per person including resources . Refreshments also provided.

Cost of Accreditation: ?25.00 for new award or ?10.00 for additional award.
Further details: To reserve a place(s) or further information, contact Judi Greenhalgh on 07773 461772 0r email

DT Online food

Food education - ex. - click for full size image

The importance of food technology

"In food technology students are taught to apply their knowledge of nutrition, diet, food hygiene and safety in practical ways, as they would in life. Practical food preparation and handling skills are a key aspect of students' work when designing and making food products, dishes and meals, as is teaching consumer-related issues. Food technology still embraces the basic principles of previous incarnations of food education, but has broadened out beyond teaching simply about the domestic preparation of food." - Food Forum

Link to DT Online food

Link to Food in Schools

Link to Food Forum

The D&T Association Excellence Awards Nomination for Awards 2011

***Deadline for submission Friday 5 November 2010***

Started in 1999 by the Design and Technology Association Trustees the D&T Association Excellence Awards gives professional recognition to individuals for their contribution to design and technology education.

BSF – Implications for D&T

Partnership for Schools (P4S) - the non-government department responsible to the Department of Children Schools and Families (DCSF) for the Building Schools for the Future programme show that there will be more new and refurbished secondary schools, including academies, opening in England over the next 20 years since the 1960s. This announcement, along with the BSF programme already well established in more than half of the local authorities in England means that all 3500 Design and Technology departments are likely to be affected. The programme began with the opening of a Wave 1 school in September 2008 - the Brunel Academy in Bristol. The subsequent rollout, although already behind schedule due to procurement rather than design issues, offers a ‘transformational education’ for young people across the country. This is unprecedented and nothing short of a lifetime opportunity to make statements, both visually and practically, about how our subject can, and indeed should, contribute to the future education of young people.

The time is now!

blow out - click for full size image
blow out
This is what is happening now!

NAAIDT Conference 2008 Llandudno

17th to 19th April, Imperial Hotel and Venue Cymru, Llandudno.

Spring 2013 Newsletter

The latest edition of NAAIDT newsletter with information on:
National Curriculum review update
Building bulletin information
Health & Safety
STEM update
Ofsted news
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