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Essentials of Design and Technology

A series of three presentations highlighting essential information for:
  • Primary
  • Key Stage 3 and GCSE
  • 14-19
These can be used for information or with teachers in schools.

NAAIDT Portfolio

Textiles project - click for full size image

About Portfolio

The NAAIDT Portfolio comprises a database of D&T coursework together with the grade or level attained, where these exist, and a brief commentary on the assessment judgement made. The examples are given in good faith to provide guidance for teachers in this difficult area but they have no authority and do not take precedence over the results of statutory assessment processes.

Link to NAAIDT Portfolio

Accommodation Case Studies

To be included on the NAAIDT register of consultants with the specialist expertise to advise LA’s, architects and schools about D&T accommodation, members of NAAIDT are required to submit a ‘case study’ about an aspect of D&T accommodation. The following guidance notes, templates and examples are provided to assist.

DT Online Electronics

Electronic circuit board - click for full size image

About electronics

Electronic components work together in circuits, and these can be represented in circuit diagrams using standard symbols for the components. Modern electronic systems are controlled by microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Link to DT Online Electronics

Link to BBC - GCSE Bitesize electronics

Health and Safety Training Guide in Design and Technology

Core Level

Essential reading for inspectors, advisers, consultants, teachers, trainers and others involved in Health and Safety courses for design and technology. It provides a clear structure for organising core level Health and Safety training, identifying what needs to be covered and how to ensure Health and Safety accreditation can be securely obtained.


History World

About History World

History World is a general-knowledge website, designed for anyone above the age of about twelve with an interest in history.

On the Timesearch timelines you can

  • find the events that interest you, by area, theme and date
  • search at a click for related information and images

Link to History World

NAAIDT Statutory Accounts

Financial Statements
for the period ended 30th November 2008

From the President

I was reflecting the other day that many members probably know little of my background, so I decided that perhaps you ought to know a bit more.

Primary Food Curriculum

Date: 23rd April 2012
Title of course: Primary Food and Food safety Level 2
Times: 9am to 4pm
Venue: Newbridge High School, Forest Road, Coalville.
Course tutor: Judi Greenhalgh

Course details: This one day practical course is aimed at primary teachers who teach food elements in their curriculum, or after school clubs. It is suitable for teachers, HLTS?s and D&T coordinators.
It will provide staff with an excellent opportunity to enhance and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding about food and cooking for the primary curriculum, specifically it will:
- increase teachers? confidence through a practical session,
- raise awareness of Health and Safety in teaching about food and nutrition;
- develop a supportive network between schools concerning food issues.
- provide teachers with a recognised Food Safety Level 2 qualification.
The day is broken down into the following two sessions:

1. Four hours spent on completion of the guided learning and exam. Note: an additional two hours of guided learning is required to be completed as pre-work using the Awarding Body?s ?Question and Answer? book alongside the Food Safety handbook. ( 6 hours guided learning in total).
2. A hands-on practical session, using ingredients and relevant resources for KS2. Here, delegates will learn good practice, safe food preparation, recipe selection, safe use of equipment and discuss preparation of risk assessments.

This course fulfils OFSTED's 'safeguarding' criteria.

Cost of training: £195.00 per person including Food Safety level 2 delegate handbook and work book, exam and certificate, ingredients, resources to make a successful day that you can take away with you.

Further details: To reserve a place(s) or further information, contact Judi Greenhalgh on 07773 461772 0r email or Contact Ben Hen-wicks at DATA.

DT Online structures

Lowry footbridge - Salford Quays - click for full size image

About structures

Almost all things made are structures in the form of frames, carcasses, boxes or shells and in nature too there are many examples from flower stems to birds' wings. A structure is simply an arrangement of materials or components to carry and distribute an applied load.

Link to DT Online structures gallery

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